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The corporation was founded and remains headquartered in Dunedin, Florida and the Dunedin Chapter has proudly raised their banner since 2002.

The NWC has grown more than 20 fold from the Original 10 founding members and today's Dunedin Chapter of the New World Celts can be found supporting festivals, community events and sponsoring heritage celebrations all around the greater Tampa Bay area and Southeastern United States.
Dunedin NWC is a proud part of the thriving Celtic culture in Dunedin, Florida, USA!
Whether its our event support volunteers or a scholarship award to a piper for an advanced workshop, Dunedin NWC is always around helping promote Celtic arts and culture.

Hail to the celts! HAIL to the celts! Haaaiiilllll to the celts.

New World Celts

 A charitable organization promoting Celtic arts and culture in the New World.