Hail to the celts! HAIL to the celts! Haaaiiilllll to the celts.

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New World Celts

 A charitable organization promoting Celtic arts and culture in the New World.

If you are a young man or woman under the age of 25, please complete the following application.

The Dunedin Chapter of the New World Celts is proud to offer this scholarship in honor of our member Scott Morse, and in celebration of diversity in our amazing community. Applicants do not need to already be enrolled in a dance or music program, currently participate in a pipe and drum band, or be a current heavy athlete.

"The Dunedin Chapter of the New World Celts wishes to reward the talents of those individuals or non-profit organizations who demonstrate an interest in learning and promoting Celtic culture and heritage in our community. To that end, the Chapter offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships and/or sponsorships to aid those in their endeavors.

 Awards are granted based upon receipt of a qualified application with a clearly written statement of intent and description of proposed activity. Applicants wishing consideration for financial assistance in the form of a scholarship or sponsorship program award should complete the information and follow the submission requirements and instructions outlined in the respected application."

Dunedin New World Celts

If you are a Family, with children that could participate in NWC functions, please fill out a Minor Media permission form..

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